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This is a Roman cut, Spanish model Stole and is made of Damask Fabric with cross designs. It is hand embroidered with Cross designs in metallic gold yarns on both the sides. The Stole is lined with satin fabric.SPECIFICATIONS:

STOLE: 42 Inches (from neck to bottom) / 84 inches end to end including fringes

Stole: is a liturgical vestment composed of a strip of material around four inches wide and usually seven and a half to nine feet long. It has either a uniform width throughout, or is somewhat narrower towards the middle, widening at the ends in the shape of a trapezium or spade. A small cross is generally sewed or embroidered on the stole at both ends and in the middle; the cross, however, is prescribed only for the middle, where the priest kisses the stole before putting it on. There are no express precepts concerning the material of the stole, but silk, or at least a half-silk fabric, is most appropriate. 

Stole Cross Embroidered Green

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