R.J. Toomey Summertime Roman Black Cassock

  • he R.J. Toomey Co. Roman Cleric Cassock is one of the bestselling cassocks. It is available in summertime or year round styles. The summertime style is made of lightweight polyester and cotton broadcloth consisting of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. The year round style of R.J. Toomey Co. Roman Cleric Cassock is made of 100 percent woven wrinkle resistant polyester that adds a bit of weight and warmth. Both styles are tailored with button front openings, full cuffs, Roman backs and concealed slit openings that allow for access to pants pockets.



    Easy-care 65% Polyester/35% Cotton Half-lined with breast pocket and lightly padded shoulders. Button front. Roman back and full cuffs. Gift Boxed. -- 65% Poly/35% Cotton


    All sizes available

    (Example size) 42--Chest 16--Neck 64"--long