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Rose Gothic Chasuble & Mass Set - Chi Rho (PAX) Motif on Back

  • Product Details

    The vestment is made of Brocade/ Damask Fabric with Cross Designs. The St. Andrews orphreys (also called "M" orphreys) are made of high quality polyester braids and has Chi Rho (PAX) motif on the back. The entire mass set including the stole are embroidered with matching Chi Rho (PAX) embroidery.


    • VESTMENT: Width is 54 inches from end to end & Height is 48 inches from Shoulder to Hem
    • STOLE: 48 Inches (from neck to bottom) / 96 inches end to end
    • MANIPLE: 19 inches (48 cm from end to end) 
    • CHALICE VEIL: 20" inches square
    • BURSE: 8 inches x 8 inches square

    Please allow 2 weeks fpr delivery

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